Thursday, 17 October 2013

Colour as Tool


Mother nature is a constant source of ideas. In Spring, it is the light, bright colour of new grass and budding leaves. In summer, it deepens to the jewel tones of a well- manicured lawn. In Fall, hunter green offsets the changing leaves, and in Winter, green goes gray, with deepening shades like spruce and evergreen.

Colour as a tool use your imagination to translate into your fashion design ideas to suit a figure type Characteristics of light colour or tones seem larger in area, dark ones will be smaller. For example:

Big Hips use dark colours to minimize the size, so don’t wear light colours
Slim Body use light colours
Warm colour such as red, orange, yellow gives a bright happy feeling.
Cool colour such blue and green gives crisp look.

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                  1. Colour     2. Colour


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