Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lady Measurement Guide

Before we begin with our pattern we need to take the standard body measurement. All measurement must be taken carefully and accurately. For customer-made, the person being measured must stand erect and remove all unnecessary clothing such as belt, jacket etc.  Tight a string around the natural waist line. Measure the right side of the figure except deformed figures then the both sides of the figure should be measured.

Body Measurement 

A-C [Neck to Waist] 
Length from the backbone at the top of the spine to waist

A-B [Waist]
Around the natural waistline

C [Neck] 
Around the base of the neck

G [Shoulder] 
From the left to right top side of shoulder position

J [Top Front Chest]
Measure across from the armhole to armhole at approx. 7cm below the base of the throat

I [Back Shoulder Blades] 
Across the shoulder blades from armhole to armhole

L[Bust Line]Around the figure and over the fullest part of the bust]

U1 [High Hip] 
Around figure, over hip bone

U [Full Hip] 
Around widest part lower (under abdomen)

A-T [Waist to Full Hip]
From side waist to the widest part

A-W [Skirt Length] 
Measure from the waist to the required skirt length.

C-W [Full Length Garment] till the knee

K [Armhole]
Around the armhole 

O [Underarm Line]
Thickest part of the arm

Q [Full Sleeve Length Sleeve]
Measure with the arm bent, from shoulder over elbow to the wrist bone.

Q1 [Wrist]
Around the wrist over the wrist bone

S [Forearm] 
Around the arm at the thickest part below elbow

Q2 [Hand] 
Measure around the hand and over the knuckles with thumb in palm.

For Pant:

Length of the pant
Measure from the waist to the required length of the pant.

Measure around the thigh at the thickest part.

Depth of Crotch
Measure from center front of waist, through crotch to center back of waist.

In step & Foot
Taken at a slant.