Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Children Fashion C917

Children Pattern C917

Fold Front Bodice Cut 1
Back Bodice Cut 2
Fold Front Skirt Cut 1
Fold Collar cut 2
Fold [Fusible Interfacing] Collar cut 2
Sleeve Cut 2
Pocket Cut 2
Pocket Inside Cut 2
Fold Cuff Cut 2
Fold [Fusible Interfacing] Cuff Cut 2
Collar Bias Tape Cut 1
Sleeve Slash Bias Tape cut 2
Zip and Buttons

Note: For the Collar after finished stitches trim the seam and cut the edges of the triangle then turn right side out; press to get the Sharp Points.

Step 1

Gathers Skirt Dress

Gathers Long Sleeve

Step 2