Sunday, 2 August 2015

Book pressed dried flower

Pressed dried flower

Book pressed dried flower is the easiest and quicker way to dry flowers. One needs is an old thick book with weight that can press the flower nicely flat. This method can be process anytime, anyway and it works best on small flowers and leaves.

Not all the flowers retain the colour and beauty after stresses of pressure. Therefore best choose bright colour flowers with petals that are in good shape not falling apart. The damage petals can be removed and flowers should be picking when the surfaces are dry.

 Then spread the flowers flat on a piece of paper. After fold and cover the flowers in between the paper before cover the sheet of flowers inside the thick book. 

There should be more weight on the top to give a good pressuring for best result. Or add more books on top to give more on the pressing. Then leave the sheet of flowers inside the book for a week or more depending on the thickness of the petals. Sometimes it might take longer time to dry because of the thickness of the petals and leaves or a bigger flower.

Simple that it! Once the pressed dried flowers are done and ready. It can be use to process into greeting cards, bookmarks or flowers candles of your own choice.