Saturday, 8 August 2015

Children Fashion C924

Children Fashion for Tea Party

Children Pattern C924

Fold Front Bodice Cut 1
Fold Front Interfacing Cut 1
Fold Front Interface  [Fusible Interfacing]  Cut 1
Fold Front Skirt Cut 1
Back Bodice Cut 2
Back Interfacing Cut 2
Back Interfacing   [Fusible Interfacing]  Cut 2
Back Skirt Cut 2
Ruffles Cut 2
Front Jacket Cut 4
Fold Back Jacket Cut 2
Sleeve Cut 4
Hook and Zip

 Clip and trim seam allowances where necessary so seam will lie flat and to reduce bulk on the inner and outer curves.

Step 1

Sleeveless semi flounce skirt dress and a light Jacket with front hook 

Step 2

Add Seam and Hem allowances