Thursday, 20 August 2015

Lady Fashion L108

Lady Jacket pattern

Lady Pattern L108

Front Center Jacket Cut 2
Front Center Jacket [Fusible Interfacing] Cut 2
Front Side Jacket Cut 2
Front Side Jacket [Fusible Interfacing] Cut 2
Fold Collar Cut 2
Fold Collar [Fusible Interfacing] Cut 2
Front Interfacing Cut 2
Front Interfacing  [Fusible Interfacing] Cut 2
Front Jacket Lining  Cut 2
Fold Back Center Jacket Cut 1
Fold Back Center Jacket [Fusible Interfacing] Cut 1
Back Side Jacket Cut 2
Back Side Jacket  [Fusible Interfacing] Cut 2
Fold Back Interfacing Cut 1
Fold Back Interfacing  [Fusible Interfacing] Cut 1
Fold Back Jacket Lining Cut 1
Sleeve Cut 2
Sleeve  [Fusible Interfacing] Cut 2
Underarm Sleeve Cut 2
Underarm Sleeve  [Fusible Interfacing] Cut 2
Sleeve Lining Cut 2
Underarm Sleeve Lining Cut 2


After finish stitching trim off the fusible Interfacing seam allowances then press the seam open. For the collar trim the seam allowances and the Jacket edge slightly to reduce the bulk for smooth shape.

Step 1

Semi Fit Jacket with lining

Step 2

Add Seam Allowances
The underarm lining seam allowances should be 0.25cm  less than the Jacket sleeves underarm