Friday, 28 August 2015

Plywood Pressed Dried Flowers

Plywood board press is another method for pressed dried flowers and plants. This process can be use for bigger flowers and plant materials at the same time. Only two wooden boards or more with rubber bands, straps nylon strings are need for the press.  It is similar to the book press method.

Cover the plywood baseboard with paper then inset the plant materials before cover another sheet of paper. After that place the wooden board on top. For more layers continue laying till the flowers and plant materials are inserted.

For flowers with bulky centers cut holes in the cardboard the same size as the flowers bulky centers. 

Then place the flowers bulky centers stamen peep through the holes. For thicker bulky center stamen add another cut holes
slice of foam for the flowers.

Once it is done cover the plywood boards before tighten the press on both ends with rubber bands or nylon strings. The pressed dried flowers and plant materials will be ready in a week or more.