Friday, 4 September 2015

Children Fashion C925

Time Party Children Fashion

Children Pattern C925

Fold Front Dress Cut 1
Fold Front Dress Interfacing Cut 1
Front Front Dress Lining Cut 1
Shoulder Band Cut 4
Back Dress Cut 2
Back Dress Interfacing Cut 2
Back Dress Lining Cut 2
Fold Front Outer Skirt Cut 1
Fold Front Skirt Lining Cut 1
Front Puff Skirt Cut 1
Back outer Skirt Cut 2
Back Skirt Lining Cut 2
Back Puff Skirt Cut  2
Button, Beads and Zip

Gathers the puff skirt bottom first before stitching together with the skirt lining.
It is wise to use lightweight fabric for the outer flounces skirt that gives soft waves. For the puff skirt medium weight fabric will suitable

Step 1

Sleeveless dress outer flounces skirt and puff skirt. 

Step 2

Add Seam and Hem allowances