Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Bag [003]

Beach Bag

Bag Pattern [003]

Fold Bag Top Cut 1
Bag Cut 2
Pocket Cut 1
Small Pocket Cut 1
Left Patch Cut 2
Right Patch Cut 2
String and Button

Note:  - The bag top hole must be big enough for the string to go through. 
-      For the decoration get the picture from  Art Design.

Step 1

For the use “Centre Line” to balance the Bag Pattern

Step 2

Add Seam Allowances 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Children Fashion C930

Party Dress

Children Pattern C930

Fold Front Dress Cut 1
Fold Back Dress Cut 1
Fold Front Interface Cut 1
Fold Back Interface Cut 1
Fold Skirt Cut 2
Fold Front Lower Waist band Cut 1
Fold Collar Cut 2
Hook and Buckle

Step 1

 Side Pleats Skirt Dress Pattern

Step 2

Add Seam  and Hem Allowances