Friday, 15 April 2016

Air Dried Flowers

 Air-drying is the simplest usually most commonly used to dry more flowers.  All you need to use is a pole or wire and space to hang bunches of flowers. However not all flowers are suitable for drying and some flowers hold the colour better after dried.

Before you begin with your dried flowers project choose the colour of your choice. Bright colours are more likely to show positive effect and pretty after dried. Pick the flowers with stems then remove some of the leaves from the stem. Place the flowers with stems on the string and tight it. For big flowers only tight about five in a bunch.

Then setup series of planks or wires in a dry area. Space the planks or wires apart to ensure well separated. Hang bunches of flowers with the stems upside-down from the plank or wire line. Allow some distance with enough space between bunches of flowers for air to circulate. If it is too close together, the flowers will disintegrate more easily. It takes a week or more to dry the flowers then it will be ready for your craftwork.