Sunday, 18 September 2016

Lady Fashion L116

Evening Dress

Lady Pattern L116

Front Gown Cut 2
Fold Back Gown Cut 1
Front Interface Cut 2
Front Interface [Fusible Interfacing]  Cut 2
Front Lining Cut 2
Fold Back Interface Cut 1
Fold Back Lining Cut 1
Collar Cut 2
Collar  [Fusible Interfacing]  Cut 2
Big Button  2
Small Buttons for inside

Step 1

Gown Fitting Pattern

Step 2

Add Seam and Hem Allowances

Monday, 12 September 2016

Girl Face [011]

Cutie Girl

Girl Face Pattern [011]

Face Cut 2
Hair Cut 1
Eye Cut 2
Left Cheek Cut 1
Right Cheek Cut 1
Hair Band Cut 4
Ribbon Cut 3
Thin Sponge

Notes: Glue the fabric pattern edges with craft glue before stitching. Then hand stitches the mouth with black thread.

Step 1

Girl Face Pattern

Step 2

Add Seam Allowances