Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Pouf Valance for Window


Curtain [015] Pattern

Fold Pouf valance Cut 1
Ribbon or Embroidery Lace Cut 1

Fiberfill or Tissue Paper

Step 1

To begin with Pouf valance for the window take the measurement of the Rod Length and width.

The Pouf Valance should be twice the length of the Rod so multiple the lengths by 2 times. For the rod pocket add 0.5cm to rod width measurement. For example if the Rod width is 2.5cm add 0.5cm equal to total 3cm. The bottom ruffles can be ribbon, embroideries lace or fabric but the measurement needs to be twice the length of the Pouf Valance. For the ruffles multiply the full total Pouf Valance length by 2 times. 

Measurement down from top of the Pouf Valance example:

5cm Header
3cm Rod Pocket
26cm Drop
4cm Ruffles

Step 2

Add 2cm seam allowances for the lower edge of the pouf valance and the bottom ruffles. For the both side add 2cm hem for double fold stitches. Then fold the top of fabric before cutting. After finished stitches the Pouf Valance stuff fiberfill or tissue paper inside the drop.