Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Three Pleats Curtain


Curtain [016] Pattern

Curtain Cut 2

Curtain Hooks

Step 1

Take the full measurement width of the window divide by 2 for the both side of the curtains. After that add 20cm or more to each side of the curtains. For example if the full measurement width is 200cm.

200cm divide by 2 = 100cm [for each side]

Therefore 100cm + 20cm [or more] =120cm [or more] 

For the drop measurement increase 2cm for the header. For example if your drop measurement is 198cm.

198cm + 2cm = 200cm measurement for curtain drop 

Then add top interface 4.5cm, bottom interface 6cm and both sides’ 6cm for double hem.

First divide the full width measurement for the 8cm space before adding the 9cm pleat. The edge side of the curtain should be 4cm space [8cm divide by 2]. The measurement width of the curtain might need to adjust to get the balance. See the picture diagram: Edge side 4cm, Pleats 9cm, Space 8cm so on and Centre Edge 4cm.

Fold the pleats by bringing two pleat lines together and stitch it. Then lock it with 2 to 4 times stitches so that it will be strong enough for the curtain hook.  

Then divide into three even pleats. Press fold straight down to meet the pleat stitches line. 
After that hand stitch the three even pleats together. Once finished the pleats insert the curtain hooks. Before hanging the pleats curtains press them with a warm dry iron to remove any wrinkles.

Step 2

Sew double hemstitches for top, bottom and sides of the pleats curtain. Add 2cm  seam on the top and bottom of the curtain.