Children Pattern

The children Pattern based on Size 5 [Age 5] measurement. For bigger sizes the accessories such as pockets, patches, Art Design need to resize so that it will balance with the garment. For more information refer to Pattern Making

Front Buttons Dress
Simple dress  designed with front buttons
opening and side pockets.

View:  Children Pattern C941

Simple Dress Pattern
Fantastic and easy to make dress for summer party wear. 
Any kind of fabric is suitable but will standout better 
with cotton printed material. 

View: Children Pattern C940

Cool Shirt
Informal shirt is design with front button and tie for warm season. 
This shirt is terminates above the waist goes well with pant or skirt.

View: Children Fashion C939

Cool Dress
This is a simple dress to make and it is cool to wear during 
the hot season. The pattern is design with back buttons open.

View: Children Pattern C938

Children Fashion C937
Sleeveless dress with full circle skirt and half circle sleeves like little wings. This fairly dress is suitable for hot weather. 

View: Children Pattern C937

Jumper suitable for all season’s wear.  Denim fabric will make 
it little jean looks groovy.

View: Children Pattern C936

Children Fashion C935
The back neckline is lower than the front neckline bodice. 
Matching colours will make this slightly Flared Sleeves 
into a sweetheart dress.
View: Children Pattern C935

Children Fashion C934

Stretch Over-lock stitches will be ideal to make this sweater. 
It has its own in-built stretch factor, eliminating any need 
to stretch the fabric as it is sewn.
View: Children Pattern C934

Children Fashion C933

A stylish coat will match with pant or skirt.  It can be for 
cool or warm weather wear and will look 
attractive and smart.
View: Children Pattern C933

Children Fashion C932

Sweater with hood pattern can be for casual or sport wear. Use soft warm fabric such as Fleece fabric or Polar Wool for cool weather.

View: Children Pattern C932

Children Fashion C931
All seasons Pinafore is design to be worn over a blouse, 
shirt or sweater as decorative garment. It can be worn 
as sleeveless garment as well in the hot weather.
View: Children Pattern C931

Children Fashion C930
How to draft a simple easy pleats skirt dress? This is a 
loose dress with simple front collar can be for party 
or casual wear.
View: Children Pattern C930

Children Fashion C929
Vest with puff sleeves with front buttons garment to wear over a shirt.  The purpose of this design wear is usually for the change of seasons when the temperature can be unpredictable.
View: Children Pattern C929

Children Fashion C928
Flower girl dress can be for other special occasion. 
This is a fashionable gown with three different 
flounces length skirts. 
View: Children Pattern C928

Children Fashion C927
Four pieces front skirt dress will be fantastic for 
summer party wear. Any kind of fabric is suitable 
but will standout better with jean material. 
View: Children Pattern C927

Children Fashion C926
This is a simple and easy to make casual dress with a pocket. It can be finish within a few hours without much effort. The dress style is suitable for everyday wear. 
View: Children Pattern C926

Children Fashion C925
This is a sweet time party sleeveless dress. It can be make for flower girl dress in pink colour will give a pleasant outlook. This is a cool fashion wear. 
View: Children Pattern C925

Children Fashion C924

Sleeveless dress comes with a double facing coat and 
semi flounce skirt. The double facing coat can be make 
in two different colours to match the dress of your choice.  
This is a loose comfortable to wear tea party dress.
View:  Children Pattern C924

Children Fashion C923
This is a cooling three pieces dress for 
summer picnic party with a front pocket 
for candies and others.

   Step 1     Step 2        View: Fashion Pattern C923

Children Fashion C922
 Can be for flower girl dress and function

    Step 1     Step 2      View: Children Pattern C922

Children Fashion C921
Big collar Sleeveless dress
For the pocket can be any Art Design

     Step 1      Step 2     View: Children Pattern C921

Children Fashion C920
Round neck with side pleats side skirt dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C920

Children Fashion C919
Simple Dress with flat collar

    Step 1     Step 2  View: Children Pattern C919

Children Fashion C918
Stylish casual wear front buttons opening dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C918

Children Fashion C917
Angle Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C917

Children Fashion C916
Petals Skirt Gown

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C916

Children Fashion C915
Pleats Skirt Pinafore

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C915

Children Fashion C914
Petal Sleeves Dress

   Step 1     Step 2    View: Children Pattern C914

Children Fashion C913
Use denim fabric for cool weather

   Step 1     Step 2    View: Children Pattern C913

Children Fashion C912
Side Buttons Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C912

Children Fashion C911
Evening Gown

   Step 1     Step 2    View: Children Pattern C911

Children Fashion C910
Double Skirt Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C910

Children Fashion C909
Puff Skirt Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C909

Children Fashion C908
This dress is easy to make

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C908

Children Fashion C907
Simple Skirt Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C907

Children Fashion C906
Party Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C906

Children Fashion C905
Sleeveless Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C905

Children Fashion C904
Puff Sleeves Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C904

Children Fashion C903
Simple Front Opening Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C903

Children Fashion C902
Double Skirts Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C902

Children Fashion C901
Square Collar Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Children Pattern C901