About me

I am from New Zealand, graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Business Studies, Diplomat and Certificate in Interior Design including Fashion Design.

I started Fashion Design when I was a child, drawing and designing for my paper doll. Later I hand stitches little garments for my doll. Eventually, I learned how to use my mother manual sewing machine. This is way, I started  designing and sewing my own dresses as well for my sisters. Once I got my first paid cheque, I bought myself an electric sewing machine. This enables me to create more new things.

Beside Fashion Design, I did crafts, windows dressing and many more for part-time. During the recession I was able to work in my own garage. Therefore, Design is a rewarding hobby for me.

In this blog all the photographs were taken by me and I did the pictures. Here may I “Thank You” for visiting my Blog. Do feel free to contact me through Google +, if you have any question. I will try my best to reply your email.