Lady Pattern

Lady Pattern

The Lady Patterns based on Size 10 measurement. For bigger sizes or smaller the patterns need to be resize to your requirement so that it will balance with the garment.  Step 1 with the arrows pointing is the sign whether you should increase or decease the measurement. Step 2 is all about adding the Seam and Hem allowances for stitches. Fashion is an Art and it’s flexible you might need to adjust according to your own requirement for better fitting. For more information about Size 10 refer to Pattern Making

Sexy Evening Dress
This pretty evening dress is design for special party 
and functions. The fitting pattern fashion makes 
a sexy look.

View:  Lady Pattern L121

Summer Coat
This Summer Coat goes well with mini skirt dress. 
The longer lengths Coat with mini skirt dress to 
showoff your long legs.

View:  Lady Pattern L120

Sexy Evening Dress
This pretty evening dress is design for special party 
and functions. The fitting pattern fashion will make 
a sexy look.

View: Lady Pattern L119

Simple Embroidery Dress
Smart Fitting dress with embroidery design. 
It is an easy to make dress can be ready to wear 
with a day.
View: Lady Pattern L118

Evening Dress

Sleeves Top and waves skirt for party wear and other formal occasions. Soft fabric will be suitable for the skirt’s layers.
View: Lady Pattern L117

Lady Fashion L116

Formal gown pattern with fitted bodice and full-length skirt. 
Satin or lightweight fabric will suitable for this style evening dress 
especially for special occasion. 
View: Lady Pattern L116

Lady Fashion L115

This top vest sleeveless is an outer garment for covering 
the shirt to add fashion. It is simple to make with
 front buttons opening.
View: Lady Pattern L115

Lady Fashion L114

Circular Mini Skirt Dress fashion is suitable for multiple wear. For this dress is only plain stitching and it is easy to make. 
View: Lady Pattern L114

Lady Fashion L113

Simple and easy to make sleeveless evening dress with double puff skirt. It can make for  ball gown with embroidery fabric.
View: Lady Pattern L113

Lady Fashion L112

Summer lady dress is design in princess line style with 
front pleats split skirt. Sleeveless and front split dress 
pattern is for hot weather it will be cooling and 
comfortable to wear.
View:  Lady Pattern L112

Lady Fashion L111

This is an easy and simple to make lady jacket with 
elbow length of the sleeves. The colour plays an important
 role for this fashion because it can be make either for 
office or dinner wears. 
View: Lady Pattern L111

Lady Fashion L110

Smart dressing blouse with pleats front can goes with skirt or pant. 
This blouse can be worn for office or shopping. 
View: Lady Pattern L110

Lady Fashion L109

Strapless gown designed with princess line bodice shaping. 
This evening long dress can be worn for formal occasion 
such as Ball party or bridesmaid. It can be a beautiful 
wedding gown if make from white embroidery fabric.
View: Lady Pattern L109

Lady Fashion L108

Semi fit jacket with princess lines on front design 
for smart wear. This is fashion design can 
goes with pant or skirt. View: Lady Pattern L108

Lady Fashion L107

Plain pant pattern can make from any types 
of fabric. It can be for office, work wear 
or others.

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Lady Pattern L107

Lady Fashion L106

Lady Jacket for smart dressing

     Step 1      Step 2     View: Lady Pattern L106

Lady Fashion L105

Flounce sleeves and  skirts Dress

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Lady Pattern L105

Lady Fashion L104

Tie collar blouse suitable for office wear

    Step 1     Step 2     View: Lady Pattern L104

Lady Fashion L103

Simple Smart and it is easy to make dress

    Step 1     Step 2 View: Lady Fashion L103

Lady Fashion L102

Medium weigh fabric wears 
better for this fashion

    Step 1     Step 2    View: Lady Fashion L102

Lady Fashion L101

Simple round collar sleeveless
with a single pleat skirt dress.

    Step 1     Step 2      View: Lady Pattern L101