Fashion for Image!

Fashion is a creation of fancy wear that give us “New Image” in many ways. Here are tips how you can create your fashion styles, pattern, and sewing till finished garments from the comfort of your home. Human nature we want to improve our appearance. As designers need to create so that consumers can buy. Here discover how you can achieve own Fashion Design. 

Fashion Design

Design for a purpose 
We need to know the purpose and reason when designing a fashion. Is this garment going to keep us warm or to be purely functional? What are our customers want and need? Then refer back to the History of Fashion and present fashion to get ideas.

Figure Types

Knowing your Figure Type is important when designing for others. Figure Types are tall, short, slim, board, triangle (bigger at the top than the bottom) and pear shaped (bigger at the bottom than the top).  Read More...

Getting start with Fashion Design

Create your fashion design; it’s like drawing a Fashionable Dress
for your paper dolls. Print out the Children picture or
Lady picture of your choice.

    Children Picture      Lady Picture      Processing Cost

Colour as a Tool

Mother nature is a constant source of ideas. In Spring, it is the light, bright colour of new grass and budding leaves. In summer, it deepens to the jewel tones of a well- manicured lawn. In Fall, hunter green offsets the changing leaves, and in Winter, green goes grey, with deepening shades like spruce and evergreen.

Colour as a tool use your imagination to translate into your fashion design ideas to suit a figure type Read More...

     1. Colour      2. Colour      3. Colour

     4. Colour      5. Colour      6. Colour


      Black & White      Random Painting     Crayon Yellow Mixed