Others Pattern

Pet Bed
Pet Bed can be for Toys or pets in door.

View:  Pet Bed [028]

How easy to make a small funny Clown? Just cut out 
all pieces from the pattern then hand stitches it. 
Add a little filling in the head, body, legs and hands. 

View: Clown Pattern [027]

Bag for Soft Toy
This is a light and foldable small bag for kid to carry 
the toys around. The front pocket is built for 
 small objects or snack.

View: Bag [026]

Cosmetic Case
Nice little cylinder case pattern can be make as 
Cosmetic or Pencil Case. It will be a handy case 
to store in a bigger bag for travelling.

View: Case Pattern [025]

This flightless seabird with white belly and underpart wings 
cute to have as little soft toy. It can be make for wall-hanger.

View: Penguin Pattern [024]

Spider Soft Toy
Make your own billiard spider as a gift 
for someone or yourself for fun. 

View: Spider [023] Pattern

Ruffles Curtain
Fashionable curtain is suitable for all kind of windows.
Using Soft fabric for this pattern will make
an attractive blind.

View: Curtain [022] Pattern

Sweet Girl
Make your own sweet Doll as a gift for someone 
you care. 

View: Doll Pattern [021]

Curve Valance
Curve Valance is usually use over mini-blind or 
pleated curtain. As for soft lightweight fabric valance 
do not require lining. 

View: Curtain [020] Pattern

Cowboy Humpty Dumpty
This is a happy Cowboy Humpty Dumpty with a big smile on the face. A small soft toy that is easy to make with hand-stitch.

View: Humpty Dumpty [019]

Ruffles Cloud Curtain
Make the curtain first then zigzag ruffles to the lower edge. 
It is just another way to add fashion to the window.

View: Curtain [018] Pattern

Duckling [017]
Honey Duckling will be fun for children. All you need 
is just needle and thread to stitch it into a soft toy 
with Black Fabric or Buttons for the eyes.

View: Duckling [017] Pattern

Three Pleats Curtain
Fold the pleats by bringing two pleat lines together and stitch it. Then lock it with 2 to 4 times stitches so that it will strong enough for the curtain hook.  

View: Curtain [016] Pattern

Pouf Valance
To begin with Pouf Valance for the window take the
measurement of the Rod length and width.
View: Curtain [015] Pattern

Bag [014]

Small bag with front pocket and zip design for 
holding cosmetic. All types of fabric will be suitable 
and it is easy to make. 
View: Bag [014] Pattern

Bunny Wall Hanger

Oval shape Bunny like an egg could be make for Wall Hanger 
or floor mat especially for kid ‘s room. The Bib ribbon can be 
replace with buttons for Wall Hanger.
View: Bunny Pattern [013]

Teddy Bear [012]

Sweet Teddy Bear will be love by many children. All you need is just needle and thread by hand stitches or plain sewing.
View: Teddy Bear Pattern [012]

Girl Face [011]

This is a cute “Girl Face” pattern with cheeks  for  wall hanger. It is easy and simple to make with glue seams and plain sewing.
View: Girl Face [011] Pattern

Duckling [010]

This is an easy to make cute little duckling. All you 
need is just a needle and thread to stitch the 
fur fabric pattern together then tie a ribbon around 
the neck.
View: Duckling [010] Pattern

Boy Face [009]

Boy Face pattern with cheeks can be for soft toy, pillow or wall hanger of your own choice. It is easy and simple to make. 

Tea Towel [008]

This is an own homemade tea towel for your own kitchen. Colourful towels can create to a form decoration.
View: Tea Towel [008] Pattern

Squirrel Cat [007]

Squirrel Cat is easy to make and can be lovely gift for special days. Use fur fabric for the cat and long fur fabric to a bushy tail.
View: Squirrel Cat [007] Pattern

Bag [006]

This is not a difficult shopping bag to make only 
plain sewing. Heavy weight fabric will make a 
good strong bag. 
View: Bag [006] Pattern

Mouse Soft Toy [005]

This cute Mouse can make from hand stitching or sewing. Fur fabric will be make a prefect soft toy. 
View: Mouse Pattern [005]

Gathers Pillow [004]

This is an easy and simple to make pillowcase with gathers and ribbons. Pillow with matching colour will add comfort and beauty to the room.
View: Gathers Pillow Pattern [004]

Bag [003]

This is an easy and simple to make handy beach bag 
with two front pockets. Strong Calico fabric or 
water proof material would be suitable.  
View:  Bag Pattern [003]

Wall Hanger [002]

Wall Hanger Heart can be make of any colour to suit the 
room and fantasy to little children. The Heart will give a warm loving environment. 
View:  Wall Hanger [002] Pattern

Bag 001

This is a simple and easy to make bag. It will
go well with any colour.
View:  Bag Pattern 001